Every player has a role in the game starting with the lowest level soldier.  The object of the game is to ascend through the family to the highest level and become a Don.  There are many roles in between. Each family has soldiers, lieutenants, Capos, Underbosses all serving various needs of the family under a Don. 


MADE MAN:  Lieutenants, Capos, Underbosses, Dons are Made Men and each family has a maximum of one Don, two Underbosses, eight Capos and thirty-two Lieutenants.

CREW:  Soldiers under each Lieutenant. (10 max)

ROYALTIES:  Royalties are points paid to made men every month. Every family member pays royalties up the family tree except the Don.


Once a month every family member (except the Don) must pay ROYALTIES.  This is done by going to “Give Points” on the menu.  Enter the name of the member to whom you owe royalties, the number of points you are giving and simply click on “Give points” to complete the transaction.

PURCHASED POINTS:  Points can be purchased with your credit card.  A member can buy NO MORE than 300 points a year for a cost of one dollar per point.  These points are called paid points and can never be taken away as long as you are a member of These points will be deducted from your account if you attempt to “whack” someone (temporarily or permanently take them out of the game) and you don’t have enough earned points required.

CLICKING FOR POINTS:  Twice each day a member can log onto and click for points.  Go to the menu option “Click for Points”, double click on it and you will be awarded points based upon the number of banners you review. 

EARNED POINTS:  Any number of points can be earned, but not purchased.  When a member refers a new member to the game, the referring member gets 10 points.  The new member is put into the existing crew of the referring member. (If this crew is full—there are already 10 soldiers in the crew the new member will be placed in a random crew in the same family).  When all positions in the family are full bumping will begin.

BUMPING:  Bumping is the advancement of a player from one level to the next higher position in the family. This happens when all the positions in the family are full and a new member joins.

If an existing member refers the new member, the new member is placed in the chain of command under the member who referred him.

If the new member is not referred (just joins the game independently), he is randomly put into one of the crews.

Whenever a new members joins a crew that already has ten soldiers it forces an existing soldier with the highest points to be bumped up to lieutenant, the Lieutenant with the highest points to be bumped up to capo, the capo with the highest points to be bumped up to underboss. The underboss with the highest points will become a new Don in his own family that will bear his name.


AS A SOLDIER:  Whenever you sign on your lieutenant’s name will be displayed.  You need to immediately contact your lieutenant, introduce yourself using your name to let him know you are ready to start receiving assignments.  It is very important to get as many points as you can while your in the soldier position, because when it is time for a soldier to get BUMPED, the soldier who has the most points in his crew gets bumped up to become a lieutenant. 

You should sign on at least once a day to check if your lieutenant has contacted you and, at the same time, to get your points in the CLICK FOR POINTS section of the menu. It is required that soldiers pay royalties to their lieutenant every month.  Soldiers should pay their Lieutenant 3 points per month between the first and no later than the third day of every month. (See GIVING POINTS).

AS A LIEUTENANT:  Whenever you sign on your capo’s name will appear along with the number of soldiers you have in your Crew.  You can double click the capo’s name to contact him or you can go to the family tree and double click on any of your soldiers’ names to contact them.  You should encourage your soldiers to get as many points as they can and ask them to help recruit as many members as they can. Your advancement relates to your monthly royalties and filling your crew with 10 soldiers and their advancement relates to having the highest number of points among the soldiers in their crew.

You will be contacted by your capo to carry out assignments.  It is required that you pay your capo royalties every month.   Lieutenants should keep only 5 points out of the total royalty points received from all their soldiers and should surrender the remaining royalties to the Capo.  The Lieutenant must give the Capo no less than 5 points even if he does not have sufficient royalties from his soldiers.

AS A CAPO:  When you log on your underboss’ name will appear and the number of lieutenants reporting to you will be displayed.  You can double click on the underboss’s name to contact him or can go to the family tree and double click on the names of your lieutenants to contact them.  As Capo you are in charge of 4 lieutenants each having up to ten soldiers.  You must make it clear to your lieutenants to remind the soldiers to get as many points as they can.

You will be responsible for carrying out assignments that are passed to you by your underboss.  You are one of 4 capo’s below your underboss.  You want to get as many points as you can because the capo with the most points will be BUMPED up to underboss as the successions through each family progress. It is required that you pay your underboss royalties every month.   As Capo you may retain ¼ of all points received from your Lieutenants and give three quarters of the points to your underboss. If the number of points is not divisible by ¼ give the underboss the extra point (no fractions of points are allowed).

It is good idea for each Capo to figure out how much their Lieutenants owe and let them know the amount

AS AN UNDERBOSS:  When you log on your Don’s name will be displayed.  You can contact your Don by double clicking his name or you can go to the family tree and double click the names of your capos to contact them.  You will be contacted directly by the Don to carry out family business.  From time to time you may be asked to help the Don make decisions on what family moves to make. You are one of 2 underbosses below the Don.  When bumping occurs the underboss with the most points will start his own Family.  He gets to take all the members under him to this new Family. It is recommended that you pay your Don royalties every month.  An underboss may keep ¼ of all the points you receive from your capos and must pass the rest on to the Don.  If the number of points is not divisible by ¼ the Don gets the extra points.  You may require your capos to report how much they received from their Lieutenants or otherwise keep tabs on your capos to see if you were given the correct amounts.  If you think your capo is holding back points, you can contact the Lieutenant directly to check the numbers.

THE DON:  You are the man; you make all the family decisions.  You should think of a plan on how to get your family to the number one ranking family. (See strategies to help to make your own plan).  You collect royalties every month.  You pay no royalties and keep all points given to you from your underbosses.  You can required your underbosses to report how much they received from each capo, to ensure you got the proper amount of points.


JAIL:  From time to time a member of the family may end up in Jail.  By going to the Jail screen, a list of family members who are currently incarcerated can be found.

POLICE CHIEF:  This is the person you must contact to bribe your way out of Jail.  You can also bribe out other members who are in jail.  Go to this screen to handle bribes.

MAKE A HIT:  This screen is where you go if you want to personally whack someone (temporarily or permamently eliminate someone from the game). You must have more points then the member you are trying to whack and you must be successful in answering all of the displayed questions correctly to succeed.

If you don’t have enough points the hit will fail and you will lose the weapons that you are carrying.  Be careful the police chief is always keeping a close eye on you mob guys. If, however, you successfully whack another member you will get all his earned points.  If you whack a higher-ranking member of your own family you get all his earned points and his position in the family. Never whack a member of your own family unless the Don has aproved the hit.

If you successfully whack someone using this feature, the person you whacked will be notified and your name will be disclosed as the killer.

CONTRACT KILLERS:  You can hire a contract killer for double the cost of whacking someone yourself.  You still must have more points then the member you are trying to whack, but you don’t have to answer any of the questions.

If you successfully whack someone using this feature, the person you whacked will be notified that they have been whacked by a Contract killer. Your name is not disclosed.

DEAD PLAYERS:  If a soldier gets whacked they are taken out of the family until they sign on again and click on “COME BACK TO LIFE”.  They lose all their earned points, but keep any purchased points they may have.

If a made man (capo’s, underboss' and Dons) gets whacked they get taken out of the family until they sign on again.  They have two choices to return to the game.  They can become a RAT or go back in the game as a soldier with no earned points.

If they chose to become a “Rat” (informant) they must stay a rat until they get 200 points from other members using their informant service.  Once they get 200 points they have a choice to go back to the same family or a different family as a soldier.  The advantage of being a RAT is that you get a chance to earn 200 points before you become a soldier, giving you a better chance of getting bumped quickly.

RAT:  A Rat is an informant who can provide valuable information to soldiers and man men who are attemping to make hits on other members. When you supply the Rat with the name of the member you want to make a hit on, the Rat will tell you how many points that member has. Therefore, you will know if you have enough points to sucessfuly whack that member or how many points you need to borrow from some one in your family to successfully make that hit.


Protection: Any Family member, including the Don, can provide protection to any other Family member. A member cannot be protected by more than one person at a time and protection automatically expires after 14 days.

By placing someone under your protection you are combining your points with theirs in case a hit is attempted against them.  Each member may place up to two other members under their protection at any time for a cost of 10 points per person. The only way that someone under your protection can get whacked is if the person ordering the hit has more total points then the total combined points of the person you are protecting and you.  

If a member puts you under their protection, your points would be combined with that member’s points, giving you a greater chance to escape a hit.

Jobs: Every week Don Dino has jobs that he awards to members who offer him the biggest kickback.  The jobs are auctioned off and the award goes to the best bid.

Members looking for jobs should go to the Job page.

  • A complete list of the various jobs offered is detailed there.
  • Each job will have a short description and a Point Value.
  • The Point Value is the amount of points you will receive for successfully bidding for the job. The Bid amount is the number of points you will kick back to Don Dino if you are awarded the job. Therefore, the total amount you receive for any job is the Point Value minus the Bid amount.  (For example, if you are awarded a job with a Point Value of 1,900 points and your Bid is 1,000 points, you will receive 900 points.)
    To bid on a job:
  • You must complete a Bid application listing seven members from your family and two members from another family (a total of nine members excluding yourself) to help you with the job. 
  • You may want to consult with these members before making a Bid because they may want a share of your earnings.  If you are awarded the job they will be notified that you have received payment.  It is important to find out how much the listed members want before you bid or you could end up with a loss of points after the payment is divvied up.
    If you are awarded the job:
  • You get the points and your only responsibility is to keep everyone on your list satisfied by appropriately paying them the agreed upon amounts.
  • You have a choice to give your Don a cut of the earnings directly from Don Dino. If you want to share your earnings with your Don, your Don would immediately be notified and paid.
  • If you don’t want to give a cut to your Don, he will still be notified that someone in his family was awarded a job but he will receive no points.
  • You have a choice to have your points "cleaned" for a cost of 100 points.  If you “clean” your points you can never be busted by the Police Chief for that job.
  • If you choose not to "clean" your points it is possible that the Police Chief will catch you someday.  Keep in mind that that nine other people know that you did this job.
  • You make decisions about sharing payments with the Don and “cleaning” points when you bid for the job.
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